Our Company

J&R Electronics, an Idaho corporation, has been serving the Inland Northwest since 1954. J&R stands for Jim Sr. and Ruth Lemm, the founders of the company. Their son, Jim Lemm Jr., has been a part of the family business since 1983 and in 2000 took over the company when his parents retired. Currently, the J&R Electronics team consists of President Jim Lemm, Vice President Ian Caldwell, and four other employees that handle the sales, technical support, and customer service for the company. Though employees have come and gone and the location of J&R has changed over the years, one thing has stayed constant is the company's dedication to providing excellent customer service.

J&R Electronics started out primarily as a two-way radio dealer but as of 2001 we also provide reliable high-speed Internet service to rural areas, both residential and commercial.

Another one of our specialties is setting up rural communication sites with alternative power systems. These sites have lower outage rates than those with commercial power, providing better service for our customers. Our Rathdrum Mountain site is a prime example of this, which has no commercial power and runs all year long with solar panels, propane thermos-electric generators, and batteries. J&R has over 30 radio communication sites in Idaho, Washington, and Montana as well as microwave Internet sites on Rathdrum Mountain, Mica Peak, Hoodoo Mountain, and Lewiston Hill. Our customers consist of a wide variety of companies including, school districts, electric utilities, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

Looking back over the years it's interesting to see how the world of electronics has changed. J&R continues to update our sites with new and improved equipment to provide better service to our loyal customers.